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I think it’s about time I post my updated XMonad configuration. This version does not require any patches, at XMonad 0.9 supports modular configurations natively. New highlights: The application pager now uses icons Per application configuration. Minimize windows by using special workspaces Note that I have converted my Colemak key bindings to Qwerty to give […]

Using Keyconfig If you use many web applications like GMail and Remember the Milk, you may want to get access to them using a single key binding. In Firefox you can use the following snippet together with the Keyconfig extension to cycle between all tabs matching the regular expression re if no tab matches, open […]

I have been using XMonad for about a year now and have finally put myself together to upload my customizations. Highlights: Labeled pager addon for DynamicLog Fast navigation between workspaces Application specific border colors Modified Scratchpad using GNU Screen Host specific settings (layouts and widgets) To use these modules, you must put them in ~/.xmonad […]