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I have put myself together and cleaned up my Fvwm config to make it shareable: fvwm-mntnoe-2008-08-1.tar.bz2 It is a 100 % keyboard driven Fvwm config, that aims to make window handling efficient by making the keyboard commands easy to hit. Two instances of conky (one is double buffered, the other in its own window) and […]

FVWM is fast, reliable and extremely configurable. It puts you in control of your work habits, and can behave just the way you want it. If you work at your computer many hours a day, and want to do that efficiently, you should consider trying out fvwm. You can’t really describe what FVWM is like. […]

I tried all sort of fancy stuff out there: Desktop suites, Skins, Desklets, SVG-icons, Mac-alike launchers, you name it. But I just couldn’t get satisfied. My box still wasn’t “nice” enough to work on. Then one day, like many FVWM-using gentoo’ers did, I stumbled across taviso‘s famous post at First impression: No iCandy? Forget […]