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GMail has a nice keyboard accelerated web interface making it competitive to desktop mail clients as Thunderbird and even Mutt. One reason I stayed with Mutt for a long time was the ability to integrate with Vim. I switched to GMail’s web interface for other reasons, but nevertheless it was delightful to discover ItsAllText; a […]

I like to be able to find the next occurence of a string without exiting the command line. Here is a hack to do that: set incsearch cnoremap <expr> / (getcmdtype() == ‘/’ || getcmdtype() == ‘?’ ? (getcmdline() == ” ? “<Up>” : “<Cr>/<Up>”) : “/”) cnoremap <expr> ? (getcmdtype() == ‘/’ || getcmdtype() […]

I recently switched to the amazing colemak keyboard layout  – well, read the FAQ. Also, being Danish (and using Vim), I swapped J and Y (qwerty Y and O). Qwerty Y is the only button I have difficulties reaching, and Danish has many “hard to reach” combinations like SKJ. I use AltGr for the Danish […]

Taking a course in Web Technology, I suddenly found myself editing a lot of XML files, so I hurried to fine-tune VIM to make editing more efficient. Please note that I am by no means an expert in XML, so please correct me, if I have misunderstood something. Configuration in xml.vim. Features: Tag closing with […]