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I recently switched to the amazing colemak keyboard layout  – well, read the FAQ. Also, being Danish (and using Vim), I swapped J and Y (qwerty Y and O). Qwerty Y is the only button I have difficulties reaching, and Danish has many “hard to reach” combinations like SKJ. I use AltGr for the Danish […]

I have put myself together and cleaned up my Fvwm config to make it shareable: fvwm-mntnoe-2008-08-1.tar.bz2 It is a 100 % keyboard driven Fvwm config, that aims to make window handling efficient by making the keyboard commands easy to hit. Two instances of conky (one is double buffered, the other in its own window) and […]

…and should generally be treated as vermin. 🙂 I have found it a good practice to be aware of how you interact with you system. Being aware of how you access your programs, manage your windows, do text processing etc., will eventually boost your performance. Do some kind of prioritization in your key and mouse […]