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In addition to Vim, I use Emacs for things like org-mode and certain functional programming languages. Of course, I have configured it to behave closely like my Vim setup. The keybinding layout works fine using both Qwerty and Colemak (if you swap Y and J). Configuration highlights: Viper Tabbar Org-mode The files are available at […]

My just-as-tool-minded friend has created a blog at, which you might be interested in. He has some nice setup for Emacs and Eclipse, and is the creator of screencast-mode. Oh, and getting a new rival blog made me put myself together and update my blog 🙂

I like to be able to find the next occurence of a string without exiting the command line. Here is a hack to do that: set incsearch cnoremap <expr> / (getcmdtype() == ‘/’ || getcmdtype() == ‘?’ ? (getcmdline() == ” ? “<Up>” : “<Cr>/<Up>”) : “/”) cnoremap <expr> ? (getcmdtype() == ‘/’ || getcmdtype() […]