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Using Keyconfig If you use many web applications like GMail and Remember the Milk, you may want to get access to them using a single key binding. In Firefox you can use the following snippet together with the Keyconfig extension to cycle between all tabs matching the regular expression re if no tab matches, open […]

Many sites (for instance sends binary files using the application/octet-stream mime type. This is annoying for Firefox users, as they presented with a dialog asking Would you like to save this file? instead of showing the standard dialog offering both the options Open with and Save file. Bug 327323 has a patch that uses […]

GMail has a nice keyboard accelerated web interface making it competitive to desktop mail clients as Thunderbird and even Mutt. One reason I stayed with Mutt for a long time was the ability to integrate with Vim. I switched to GMail’s web interface for other reasons, but nevertheless it was delightful to discover ItsAllText; a […]

One of the most useful features in Zsh is its support for user-defined widgets. These two commands will greatly speed up your directory navigation in Zsh: setopt autopushd go-up () { cd .. zle reset-prompt }; zle -N go-up go-to-previous () { popd zle reset-prompt }; zle -N go-to-previous bindkey ‘^[u’ go-up bindkey ‘^[p’ go-to-previous […]