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Today I started a new project on github that aims to bring the same level of freedom in setting up key bindings that Xmonad and FVWM provides. The project uses python-wnck and python-keybinder, and coexists with the window manager. Configuration example: import gtk from wmbinder.commands import * if __name__ == ‘__main__’: bind(“<Mod5>z” , spawn […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could navigate through your application’s menus using vi-like bindings? You can! Simply something like this in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file: binding “gtk-binding-menu” { bind “j” { “move-current” (next) } bind “k” { “move-current” (prev) } bind “h” { “move-current” (parent) } bind “l” { “move-current” (child) } } class “GtkMenuShell” […]

When using Windows XP at work, I have customized the keyboard layout to almost match my setup on Gentoo — important when you code lines and lines of Java… In addition to my modified Colemak keyboard layout created by the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creater, I use scancodes to remap special keys, which is not possible […]

I recently switched to the amazing colemak keyboard layout  – well, read the FAQ. Also, being Danish (and using Vim), I swapped J and Y (qwerty Y and O). Qwerty Y is the only button I have difficulties reaching, and Danish has many “hard to reach” combinations like SKJ. I use AltGr for the Danish […]

I have a Danish keyboard, but I find the English keyboard layout better to code with, so some time ago, I made some customizations using xmodmap to combine these. I wanted to use the English layout in general, but with the Danish characters æ, ø, and Ã¥ available using Alt Gr-;, Alt Gr-‘ and Alt […]

Update (2010-04-25): You might want to check out this add-on instead… I just found a tip to display access keys in Firefox, like next[p], if the link has P as the access key. While (disappointingly) not featured extensively on the Internet, access keys might become handy for browsing online documentation (especially if you know what […]

…and should generally be treated as vermin. 🙂 I have found it a good practice to be aware of how you interact with you system. Being aware of how you access your programs, manage your windows, do text processing etc., will eventually boost your performance. Do some kind of prioritization in your key and mouse […]